PoshZONE© (poshzone.com) uses so-called "cookies".

What is a cookie?
The cookies are small text files that are generated by websites you visit and that include session data that may be useful later on the site. The data allows the site to preserve information while browsing different pages and analyzing how to use the site.

The cookies are secure - they can only store information entered by the browser, specifically the information the user has entered into the browser or included in the page request. They cannot run codes and cannot be used to access your computer. If a site encrypts the information in a cookie, there are no other sites that can read the information.
There are two different types of cookies: Session and Persistent. They are used for different things and contain different information.
The session cookie contains information used in the active browser session. Such cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser. No more than the time you spend on the site is stored on your computer.
Persistent cookies are used to preserve information between visits. This data allows the sites to see you as a repeat customer and to treat you accordingly. Persistent cookies have a lifetime value specified by the site, which can vary between a few minutes and several years.

Why use cookies?
Our site uses cookies to take care of your session as you browse through the site, to keep track of your reservation details and to see if you are online or not. The capsules are used to display relevant products for the journey.
Web analytics cookies allow us to monitor how our visitors use the site. This gives us valuable insights so we can improve the website and the products and services we offer.

Disable and delete cookies
All browsers allow you to restrict cookie behavior or to disable them using your browser's settings. The procedure for doing this varies with each browser, but you can find instructions for this under the Help menu in your browser.
The browser also lets you review the cookies that are stored on your computer, and delete individual cookies or remove them all.
Cookies are plain text files, so you can open them and read the content. The data inside them is often encrypted or consists of a number code that corresponds to a web session, so they usually mean nothing to anyone other than the site that wrote them.