Marisa Borden
Billionaire owner of Borden Line Corp.
The Female Tycoon and Her Battle
for World Market Dominance - and Love.

Marisa Borden was born in Fairmont, Minnesota – a small town in the heart of the Midwest with a population of just over 10 000. Her childhood was spent far from poverty, but even further away from wealth or opulence. Her childhood memories were rosy but for one thing. Clothes. There was always sufficient, but they were provided her by other people. Almost before she could walk, she had this desire to look good and dress the way she wanted herself. She would dress her dolls, but that would never be enough. She wanted something better not only for herself, but also for her parents and siblings, even people in the street.

As she got older, she turned the merciless Minnesota winters into a source of income. She used her father’s shovel to remove snow from their neighbours’ driveways and managed to build a respectable savings account. Now she had the money to buy her own clothes, but nowhere to purchase them.
Then one day her father took his family to Minneapolis. There, she discovered Nicollet Avenue! People called it «The Fifth Avenue of the Northwest» and it was a showcase of upscale boutiques, luxury and the latest fashion trends. She would sneak away from her parents, walk up and down the street again and again and just engulf herself in the atmosphere. She entered some of the stores and started asking questions. Most of the employees took to her and slowly, she had gained a certain degree of expertise in fashion and design.

Later, after rounds of negotiating, she gained access to her mothers sewing machine and her first creations saw the light of day. When she turned fifteen, she brought some of her clothes to a store on Downtown Plaza and to everybody’s surprise, they took them in. Not only that, they sold out and people asked for more!
At her nineteenth birthday, she was a household name in her hometown. Marisa decided to aim for the big time. She went to Nicollet Avenue again, now with a bag full of drawings, sketches and clothes. This time, she not only connected with the people behind the counters, designers and executives also flocked around her. Within a twelve month period, she was the talk of the town in the Twin Cities

If only that upper class twit from Edina – Taylor, would find another place to work! Taylor Dean couldn't stand Marisa and she did nothing to conceal her feelings. She was a sales assistant/part time designer, but everybody talked about Marisa's designs and Taylor felt she was taking a back seat. The situation soon developed into hostility. Later, Marisa found some of her drawings in Taylor's desk. She also discovered that Taylor had copied her designs and that she was spreading false rumours about her. Marisa exploded. She did something she had never done before – she punched her adversary to the ground. From that moment, the two were mortal enemies. Taylor felt she would always be number two so she decided to leave. She headed for LA with dreams of making it big on Rodeo Drive.

At about the same time, Marisa also made a monumental decision. At the tender age of 23, she made up her mind. She wanted to conquer the world! Once again, she would pack her stuff – now with considerably more luggage than a bag. This time, she headed for the top. Marisa Borden set her sights on Manhattan and the very pinnacle of high end shopping – Fifth Avenue!